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Hello Friends,

  We haven't updated this page in a while, so here goes. . . .

   Tom had an operation on his back in early July for a high school injury that came back to haunt him, and it's going to take several months for him to recover. It's putting a bit of a crimp in TBA activities for the time being, but we're all continuing to work individually and in other formations.

  Brad hopes to have his Mel Bay fiddle book finished before the end of the year (better hurry!), and he has been taking a class at Indiana University to learn to make fiddles. He says his first fiddle is almost ready to go.

  Alice has a new project out on 5-String Productions. It's a re-issue of an LP that she and Mike Seeger did back in the early 80s. It also includes some live performances from a tour in Japan as well as several numbers of Alice and Mike from Mike's archival recordings. It's titled Bowling Green and is available through 5-String Productions www.5-string.com, or through Alice's website www.alicegerrard.com.

  Other news regarding Alice is the fact that she was asked to occupy the Lehman Brady Visiting Joint Chair Professor in Documentary Studies and American Studies at Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This is a great honor, and will begin in January and run through May 2009.


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