"This is music from the heart that delivers the real emotion the early practitioners of the style embodied."

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Carve that Possum

Copper Creek 0228
Carve that Possum/ The Little Girl & the Dreadful Snake/ Glory in the meeting House/ Lost Love/ Whoa Back Buck/ White House Blues/ O & K Train/ Paddy Won’t You Drink Some Good Old Cider/ Sewing Machine Blues/ Fair Beauty Bright/ Killema Kranky/ Snagtooth Sal/ Little Bessie/ Bell’s Waltz/ The House Carpenter/ Stormy Waters/ I’ll See You Tonight in My Dreams/ Hold to God’s Unchanging Hand
Listen- O & K Train
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Die in the Pig Pen Fighting

Copper Creek 0196
Five Miles from Town / We’ll Die in the Pig Pen Fighting / Coal Creek March / Arnold Van Pelt’s Tune / Betty Baker / Judge Parker / Possum up a Gum Stump / Old Man Adams’ Tune / Dora Dean / Rattler Treed a Possum / Rebel Raid / Greasy Coat  / Ship in the Clouds / Devilish Mary / Charlie Barnett Lowe’s Tune / Lost John / Boating Up Sandy / Ozark Waltz
Listen- Rebel Raid
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Holly Ding

Copper Creek 0179
The Cuckoo / Poor Ellen Smith / Alone and Forsaken / Backstep Cindy / ’Cause I Don’t Mean to Cry When You're Gone / Love Was the Price / Sail Away Ladies / Doney / Mama’s Gone / The Christian’s “Good-Night” / Lonesome Hill / Little Old Log Cabin of My Dreams / Lone Prairie / Catlettsburg / Alabama Waltz / Moses and the Israelites / Little Margaret / The Red Hot Breakdown / Dear Friends, Farewell
Listen-Back Step Cindy
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Been There Still

Copper Creek 0164
My Home among the Hills / Got a Little Home to Go To / Gum Tree Canoe / The Great Titanic / Happy Land / My Blue Ridge Cabin Home / Big Hoedown / When Sorrows Encompass Me Round / Darling Corey / Moonlight Tonight / Cider / Little Glass of Wine / Open the Gate / Falling in Love /  Big Fancy / I Know You’re Married / Shortening Bread / Pull for the Shore
Listen-Gum Tree Canoe
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Alice Gerrard

Brad Leftwich


Tom Sauber